• Lucy

3 Terrariums for Work or Your Home

Updated: 2 days ago

Wanting to connect with your team and create a terrarium for your desk or home office? You're not quite a plant parent but ready to start a small succulent collection that's low-fi, low-stress, easy peasy. We have the perfect starter terrarium kits for you and your team.

The table top slanted glass globes are one of our most popular terrariums we have in stock. For beginners, they are the easiest to design and plant. During the workshop, Lucy offers instruction, care tips and a few bad succulent jokes.

Virtual workshops will generally last between 30-60 minutes, depending upon the number of attendees and the goal of the virtual event.

The terrarium kits will be shipped directly to each team member's door. For more information and to book us, contact Lucy at bold.sprinkles@gmail.com.

Here's a Checklist Before You Build Your Terrarium

  • Placement

Before purchasing your kit, decide where you're going to place your terrarium. Will it be on a shelf? Next to your desktop? In front of your secret stash of snacks? For a small area, we recommend the 5.5" tabletop slanted glass globe terrarium.

  • Lighting

Assess the ambient lighting and determine how much natural and artificial lighting your terrarium will receive. For example, will the terrarium be placed on your desk with no direct sunlight or will it sit near a window that receives a few hours of indirect sunlight?

  • A Note of Caution

Do not place terrariums in direct sunlight with high heat and humidity. High moisture can cause mold and root rot, killing your succulent and infecting all the other plants in your ecosystem. It's better to be a neglectful plant parent than a hovering, helicopter plant parent who provides too much TLC and water. So resist that urge to mist.

  • A Recap of the Perfect Location

  1. partial shade

  2. good air flow and ventilation

Best Succulents and Cacti for Beginners

Haworthias: these beautiful succulents are one of the most popular plants we have in stock. Actually they sell out fast because not only are they stunning in form and shape, they are low light, low water, generally disease free and one of the most low maintenance plants for new plant parents.

Cacti: Despite their prickly exterior, they are so cute and carefree, extremely resilient to extreme weather conditions and neglect. Estimated to have evolved over 20 million years ago, they have been around earth a lot longer than we humans have, so they will survive all types of plant parents. If you work long hours or travel frequently, consider growing your cacti collection.