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3 Terrariums for Team Building

Updated: May 4

Connect with your team and create a terrarium for your desk or home office.

You're not quite a plant parent but ready to start a small succulent collection that's low-fi, low-stress, and easy peasy. We have the perfect starter terrarium kits for you and your team.

The table top slanted glass globes are one of our most popular terrariums we have in stock. For beginners, they are the easiest to design and plant.

The terrariums come in a variety of sizes. Select the size that best suits your desk or shelf:

Large: Width: 10 in, Length: 10 in, Height: 10 in

Medium: Width: 08 in, Length: 08 in, Height: 08 in

Small: Width: 05.75 in, Length: 05.75 in, Height: 05.5 in

What Does the Terrarium Building Workshop Include?

Each kit comes with

  • 3-5 succulents (either in the 2" pot with soil or barerotted per the request of the coordinator).

  • 3 different colored bags of sand (2 primary, 1 accent color)

  • pebbles or broken glass

  • moss

  • shells or novelty toy

How long does the terrarium building workshop last?

  • Virtual workshops will generally last between 30-60 minutes, depending upon the number of attendees and the goal of the virtual event.

  • In-person workshops take between 1-2 hours.

Is this a pre-recorded workshop or live event?

  • Both virtual and in-person workshop will be taught live by Lucy.

  • There will be a general introduction to the different types of succulents, guided instruction for planting, and time at the end to ask questions about plant care.

How do we book?

Email Lucy at to schedule a phone or video chat to discuss the details.

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