Terrarium Care 101

Now that the party is over and the workshop has ended, how do you take care of the succulents and keep them alive as long as you can?

During these terrarium workshops, I always encounter two types of plant parents:

A. those with a black thumb and are afraid to kill their succulents


B. the expert gardener with a large collection of indoor and outdoor succulents


If you belong to the tribe of black thumb plant parents, don't despair. Here are a few tips. With a little practice, you may be doing the happy plant dance soon!

Tip #1: Place your terrarium in INDIRECT SUNLIGHT with good air circulation.

Direct sunlight, especially during the afternoon, will turn your terrarium into a glass magnifier and burn the succulents. In addition, the internal temperature will become too high and excessive heat will build up, increasing the level of humidity.


If your terrarium has moss, which retains water, high levels of humidity are more likely to build up in the warm air. If the air in your terrarium is too warm, especially during the summer months, it will hold a lot of moisture, causing the succulents to drown and eventually rot and die.

Remember: succulents need to dry out to thrive and be happy.


Tip #2: Some succulents need more water than others. As a general rule, the thicker or chubbier the leaves, the more water it retains. This means you shouldn't spritz or water them often. However, some succulents, will become thirsty faster than others and can use a little spritz in the morning. Make sure that there's enough air circulation to dry out the leaves.

Tips #3: Regularly check for white flies and aphids, especially during the summer. Use a cotton swab to remove the pests and rinse with water.

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