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Virtual terrarium workshop


How to it works

Wanting to connect with your team and create a terrarium for your desk or home office? You're not quite a plant parent but ready to start a small succulent collection that's low-fi, low-stress, easy peasy. We have the perfect starter terrarium kits for you and your team.

The table top slanted glass globes are one of our most popular terrariums we have in stock. For beginners, they are the easiest to design and plant. During the workshop, Lucy offers instruction, care tips and a few bad succulent jokes.


Virtual workshops will generally last between 30-60 minutes, depending upon the number of attendees and the goal of the virtual event.


The terrarium kits will be shipped directly to each team member's door. For more information and to book us, contact Lucy at bold.sprinkles@gmail.com.

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Most teams prefer to go with natural white or white, but we suggest you get creative and mix colors to accent your office, home and aesthetics.   Below are a few color combinations:

Coffee tones:  white, cream, bronze, natural white, charcoal

Bumblebee:  cream, white, yellow, charcoal

Pride:  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple

Sunset:  red, orange, yellow, cream

Tsunami:  natural white, bronze, charcoal, blue



A. Green Spanish moss  

B. Natural Spanish moss

C. Dusty Rose Spanish moss

D. Dark green mountain moss

E. Red reindeer moss  

F. Dark green reindeer moss

G. Purple reindeer moss  

H. Natural reindeer moss  

I. Lime green reindeer moss

J. Yellow reindeer moss




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